Performance Systems for King Air 100

When you equip your King Air 100 with a Raisbeck EPIC, you will receive a new Airplane Flight Manual Supplement that enables you to take advantage of the following performance benefits:

  • Takeoff and cruise RPM reduced with no loss of performance
    • 2000 RPM takeoff vs. 2200
    • 1650 RPM cruise vs. 1900
  • Truly quiet cabin and cockpit (1750 RPM cruise)
  • Improved climb and cruise with high flotation gear doors, if HFG-equipped
  • Increased climb horsepower
  • Weight increases:
    • 1,246 lb MTOW increase to 11,846 lbs
    • 610 lb MLW increase to 11,210 lbs• Worldwide noise certification (FAR 36 and ICAO)

EPIC Elements

  • Raisbeck/Harztell Quiet Turbofan Propeller System
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes
  • High-Flotation Gear Doors (if aircraft is HFG-equipped)
  • New Airplane Flight Manual Supplement

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