Performance Systems for King Air C90GTi

When you equip your King Air C90GTi with a Raisbeck EPIC, you will receive a new Airplane Flight Manual Supplement that enables you to take advantage of the following performance benefits:

  • MTOW increase to 10,500 lbs
  • Up to 18% less runway opens thousands of additional airports
  • Quiet, comfortable cabin provided by our noise-reducing Quiet Turbofan Propellers
  • Increased operational flexibility and productivity

EPIC Elements

  • Raisbeck/Hartzell Quiet Turbofan Propeller System – NOW CERTIFIED!
  • Dual Aft Body Strakes
  • New Airplane Flight Manual Supplement

Additional System Available

  • Crown Wing Lockers, certified for 600 lbs in 17 cubic feet of stowage space

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