Manufacturer: Cessna

Aircraft Model(s): TP206( ), P206( ), (T)P206A (replaces C58, C79, C90), TU206 (to S/N U20602199), 206
Applicable Engines: IO-520-A,-F TSIO-520-C,-M

Base Kit Includes:
1 Polished Spinner Assembly A-2295-1P
1 STC Document Set SA02752CH-D
1 3-Bladed Propeller (82 HC-C3YF-1RF/F8468A-4R

Applicable Models:
206, P206(A), U206-U206F & U206G thru s/n U206004074, TP206A, TU206A-TU206E & TU206F thru s/n U20602199

82″ diameter 3-blade, short aluminum hub propeller
2400 hour / 6 year TBO
82.2 pounds (propeller and spinner)
Two inch diameter reduction allowable
Maximum RPM 2700
Note: U206B thru U206G using IO-520-F engine, take-off max continuous RPM is limited to 2700 RPM

Placards do not apply to 82″ or 84″ diameter propellers

McCauley C58/C78 – 82-88 inch diameter 2-bladed prop
Oil fill requirement per AD 91-15-04
1200-1500 hour / 5 year TBO

McCauley C79/C90 – 80 inch diameter 3-bladed prop
Oil fill requirement per AD 91-15-04
1500 hour / 6 year TBO

vs. McCauley C58/C78 2-bladed models
Better take-off performance
Longer TBO
Current design, Mc threaded design obsolete

vs. McCauley C79/C90 3-bladed models
Better take-off performance
9.5% decrease in time to accelerate to 60 MIAS
Current design, Mc threaded design obsolete

vs. All models – 3% decrease in engine out glide distance

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